chimney inspection maryland

When Last Did You Have The Chimney Inspected?

An important question to be asking at this point in time. Because it could be getting really cold for you out there, sometimes even to below freezing temperatures; and when last did you ever make a fire in your fireplace? More times than not, people could be responding in the negative. The old fireplace is nothing more than a dressed-up ornamental feature – which could still look better – for the living room.

And while that is the case, the old chimney above and the rest of its stack is pretty much forgotten about. Well, not quite because owing to its disuse and perceived cold inactivity, migrating birds always looking for a new structure to turn into a comfortable home for the winter, will be building their nests in these long-forgotten – by its property owners – chimneys. Never mind that these significant structures are not being used as they should, there could be important risk implications, or rather, consequences.

No chimney inspection maryland consultations having taken place, no one, not the chimney inspector and certainly not the property owner, will have identified those loose tiles or bricks which could, at any moment, be pried apart by the cold winter wind and blown across the roof and over down below where anyone could just happen to be passing by. This is dangerous. While the birds are still chirping in their snugness, the property owner certainly has a lot of explaining to do.

chimney inspection maryland

But assume that no such unlucky event occurred, what does the property owner and his fellow occupants do for the rest of the winter? Turn the heat up more? Certainly. By all means. And then don’t forget that you’ll be receiving your usual winter shock. Your extremely high utility bill.