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Roofing Inspection Costs Less Than Without

Not just thousands of dollars in unnecessary and avoidable and damaging expenses but just one thorough inspection could potentially save a life. Because any minute now, someone, an innocent pedestrian, could be passing by your six storied building when just a single shingle or tile is ripped completely out by a sudden rush of gale strength wind rolls off of the roof and goes flying down, all six stories, and hits that poor pedestrian on the head.

And should that pedestrian be fortunate enough to survive this unfortunate but entirely avoidable mishap, not only will the property owner be saddled with that victim’s hospital bills that could run into the thousands of dollars but served with a civil lawsuit that could run into the millions. And let the record show that statistically speaking, if all evidence proves the property owner’s culpability or negligence, this civil lawsuit will be successful.

roofing roxborough co

And while the business owner who did not take into account just a single roofing roxborough co inspection spends at least a few years trying to recover from the damages claim, if at all, that claimant is somewhere on a sandy beach in the Bahamas, sunning it up, living off the spoils of his unexpected misfortune and the business owner’s lapse. Yes, it can be quite sickening, but let the record show that this is what could be happening in reality.

And the cost of a single roofing inspection? Probably not more than a few hundred dollars, if at all. If damage to the roof is detected and repair work comes recommended, the inspection fee could be waived and not more than the cost of repairs will be the property owner’s concern. Better to do what needs to be done than do nothing at all.