provenza heirloom

Dealing With Hard Floor Heirlooms The Easy Way

provenza heirloom

Provenza, like the Tuscan Valley, is one of those far-off places on the Italian peninsula of the Old Continent to which many home owners aspire to. The reasons for such aspirations could be hereditary, cultural or aesthetic in the sense that vacations abroad should have a sense of history, class and the good country life attached to it. But most people never get that far in life. To compensate, there is always the provenza heirloom.

And that theme brings you back to the hereditary motivation. Many homes already have hardwood flooring installed to it. But little did their new owners realize perhaps that underneath those rugs and carpets lie their very own heirlooms. A house could have been inherited from a family member who passed on. It is quite an old house and it dates back to an era, going back sixty, seventy years perhaps, that harks back to important architectural and interior decorating periods, original and unique, never to be surpassed in the modern era but always to be replicated.

Such is its stature. Many of those old homes have those hardwood floor boards. But the unfortunate part about this is that by now, many of those old floorboards will have rotted away. It simply is no longer feasible or practical to try and fix them. But they can be replaced. Bespoke woodcraftsmen can prepare new hardwood flooring that will be an exact replica, well, almost anyway, of the original heirloom.

Perhaps you have not inherited anything substantial that bears the hallmarks of structure and stature, as well history. But you still have your aspirations, whether they are hereditary, cultural, aesthetic, or nostalgic. Newly laid hardwood flooring will be the foundations of living up to those aspirations.